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About To Move In With Your Boyfriend? Follow This Amazing Advice From Khloe Kardashian

Moving in is a big step, but when you know, you know! Here is some advice from Khloe Kardashian and more women just like yourself!

Thinking about moving in with your significant other? It’s a HUGE time, money and emotional investment, so definitely think it through. Once you take the plunge, congrats! Khloe Kardashian just shared her advice on the first thing she did when she moved in with BF Tristan Thompson: “Moving into your significant other’s home is a huge step in a relationship. Fortunately, Tristan and I have very similar decor tastes, so it was easy to merge. But we did a few rooms together and switched up the color schemes. That was really fun! One of the first things Tristan and I did when we moved into together was add framed photos of ourselves as a couple around the house. It makes you both feel in sync and like home is for the both of you — because after all, it is! I’m so lucky that Tristan really lets me do my own thing. He just likes me to feel comfortable. And I truly do feel like it’s our Cleveland home!”

They seem so happy — adorable! Kathleen Harper is a HollywoodLife staffer who lives with her long-term boyfriend in NYC and offered the following advice: “It’s important to remember that moving in with your SO is a major transition — so it may not go as smoothly as you dreamed of, and that’s ok! Sharing your living space is all about getting to know your partner better and learning to compromise. Petty arguments WILL come up, and it’s all about how you deal with them as a team. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s not ALL your space, and it’s not ALL their space — it’s shared! So as simple as that sounds, things like, where the coat rack goes and what kind of couch to buy, matters — it’s something you need to talk about together and agree on together.”

She continued, “Before making the leap, it’s also a good idea to talk about your habits so that there are no surprises. In my situation, my boyfriend is extremely neat and tidy, and I’m, well, not. So before we moved in together, we talked about little things I could do to make things neater on my end, while he acknowledged not EVERYTHING had to be perfect like it was when he lived alone. And don’t forget that you both need to pitch in and help clean the bathroom!”

I have lived with my now husband for the past 7 years, and I would definitely recommend discussing FINANCES. It’s not going to be easy or sexy, but you need to figure out how much rent each of you will pay, and even how you will split bills like groceries. I recommend paying the same percentage of your salary to cover the rent, rather than splitting things 50-50, especially if you are in different job industries.

And yes, following Khloe’s advice is super helpful. You won’t want to feel like you moved into HIS space — you want it to feel like YOUR place. So getting a couple of decorative pieces, furniture, or frames will make the space different and new!

HollywoodLifers, what do you need to know before moving in with your boyfriend?