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Zayn Hooks Up With A Stripper In Sexy New Video For ‘Entertainer’ — Watch

Let Zayn entertain you! The singer gets frisky with a stripper in his new video for ‘Entertainer!’ Watch here!

Zayn Mailk and model Sofia Jamora are at it again in his latest music video for “Entertainer.” In it, Sofia is seen rocking a blonde wig, which gives her more Kylie Jenner vibes than Gigi Hadid, but she’s in the dressing room of a strip club while Zayn walks the streets smoking a cig. The vid is a continuation of his last hit, “Let Me,” in which Zayn is essentially in Scarface and he and Sofia escape the bad guys on a boat. This time, Zayn enters the club and sees his love interest, while singing, “Guess you didn’t know that you were my favorite entertainer, I watch you, laugh with and f–k with you. Don’t you take me for a fool. In this game, I own the rules.” Damn.

As a bleach blonde Zayn spots Sofia, he has flashbacks to their “Let Me” rendezvous. Once Sofia starts dancing on him, he recalls their hotel hook up and we’re not gonna lie, it’s super hot. Sofia the stripper keeps looking up at a camera, recording she and Zayn in the club, and tell him she’ll BRB. Except Zayn flashes back again to Sofia leaving him in the hotel room and disappearing without a trace. She does it again, this time in the club, and leaves a hopeless Zayn alone once more. He sees her take off in a black car and watches her go.

The final scene shows Zayn standing alone on a dock with a suitcase, clearly ready for his next adventure. This time, there is no “To be continued…” We can’t help but wonder, was this a message to Gigi after she broke up with him? “Thought that you were smarter, I’m ashamed for you. I knew it right away when you stopped lovin’ me. It happened when your touch wasn’t enough for me,” the former One Directioner sings. Well, luckily, we know he got the girl again in reality, as he and Gigi have been spotted together since announcing their break-up. Fingers crossed!